Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Lazy Paisley

Please don't look at this and think I'm an incompetent sewist. Yes, I may have cut the neckline too wide so it's automatically off at least one shoulder. And yes, I may have only rolled the hem once instead of twice, which I feel quite sheepish about. But I like the slouch, and it's too big on purpose, and it's missing a button on purpose too... 

As soon as I brought this fabric home, I knew it had to be something nineties inspired. This is salvaged from the same dress as the collar I showed you a couple weeks ago. (How many Find Fridays have I missed now? Eep! Expect a vintage clothing photo dump in your future.) The pattern is Sorbetto (my third), with Mena Trott's sleeve pattern (a little bit lengthened), which has become a very easy-to-use PDF thanks to Sew, Incidentally.

This was my first ever button placket, made entirely from scratch, and I am immensely pleased with myself despite having botched the buttonholes. 

See, they went in looking nice and neat (not that I figured out how to use my buttonhole foot - I improvised with zigzags set on a tiny stitch length, and it worked out just fine). I just put them in the wrong spot. I was unaware that, if you center the horizontal buttonhole, the buttons will look off-center. So I sewed it up, but I probably would've ended up doing that anyway. No harm no foul, and this way it'll never accidentally come undone. Yes folks, I've had that problem before. And not realized for a good, oh, fifteen, twenty minutes?

Wanna see the back? Well too bad, I'm showing you anyway. 

I have fun with the photo effects, I do. It's the only reason I have a Google+ account, to use their free photo editor. 

This was the outfit I wore to my first day of Young Drivers class. Does driving terrify anyone else, or is that just me? I'm such a city girl, I just wanna ride the subway forever and ever. 

[listening to Strawberry Swing by Coldplay]

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